Iced & Frozen

Made Fresh and Ready to Be Sipped!

Dairy-free options available upon request.


Sweet, creamy vanilla and coffee: the unbeatable combo.

Iced Tea

Cold, refreshing, and always delicious – grab it sweet or unsweet.

Nitro Cold Brew

Rich, full-bodied, and airy: the one-of-a-kind flavor you deserve.

Cold Brew

The bold flavor you love, poured over ice. Make any day a cold brew day.

Iced Macchiato

Espresso with just a dash of milk, this drink will get you rolling in style!

Iced Latte

Smooth, creamy, and refreshing: the perfect treat for any day.

Tommy Palmer

The iced tea and lemonade combo you love, made even better.

Iced Spiced Chai

Cool down with the warm spices and creamy flavor you know and love.


Slightly sweet, slightly tart, and totally delicious. A classic refreshment.

Strawberry Açaí

Sweet strawberries and a punch of açaí, shaken with ice, to deliver a perfectly balanced, lip-smacking refreshment.

Peach Mango

A flavorful harmony of juicy peaches paired with tropical mangoes, shaken with ice, creates a perfectly balanced summertime refreshment.

We Travel to You!

Corporate offices, weddings, schools, parties, churches, festivals, sporting events…must we go on? For any event, Travelin’ Tom’s is the perfect addition! Guests can choose from our large menu of customizable beverages, like a Mango Lemonade or Spiced Chai Latte. We’re the coffee shop on wheels, ready to drive to you and serve the best coffee on the road!